Best Video Game Playing Devices for Seniors

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A few years ago, seniors would have ridiculed the thought of playing video games. However, things have changed. Seniors even past 55 years of age are playing video games now. Video games have a crucial role in keeping the cognitive fitness of people in check. For seniors, playing video games offer an excellent mental stimulation that helps them stay mentally active and fit.

Studies have shown that playing video games drastically reduces the chances of developing memory loss or delays the process in older people. Given video games are both entertaining and useful for seniors, many senior living communities have integrated it into their facilities. Even devices like the best tablet for senior citizen can be turned into a gaming device for them.

If you want your senior family members to have some virtual gaming action, there are a few gaming devices that you can buy.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is a well-known name within the gaming community and popular amongst gamers. The Nintendo Wii is easy to use and fun to play the game. Besides this, it’s an interactive gaming system that is in the budget. Most of the Nintendo Wii games require the player to hold the remote and use it as a bat, bowling arm, or golf putter. The gaming systems offer instant feedback on body balance and are an excellent choice for balance training.

The Nintendo Wii also offers a balance board for the Wii Fit game that allows senior players to test their center of balance. The visual display shows how much weight each foot carries while they stand. Seniors who have an uneven center of balance develop body pain due to misaligned posture. The game helps seniors correct their body posture and improve their center of balance through various other activities.

Birdsong Tablet

The Birdsong tablet will surely grab your interest if you are looking for a brain game tablet for seniors. The tablet is designed for senior users who want to keep their cognitive health in check. An award-winning study has inspired tablet technology. The research was done to find out the impact of electronic devices and bedside tech gadgets on senior health.

The tablet has an easy to use interface and comes loaded with a variety of games to choose from. One can indulge in word games or play card games, solve puzzles, or try their hands on chess. The tablet can be connected with the internet, where seniors can play online games as well. Since Birdsong is a standard tablet, it enables the users to place video calls, share pictures, send emails, and watch videos and TV shows.

Xbox Kinect The Xbox Kinect is a newer technology that comes without a remote or board. Instead, Kinect has a camera that points at the place where the player is standing. The person playing the game has to move their body as remote. You will have to clear a large area for the game if you are planning to buy Xbox Kinect. Most games on Xbox Kinect require foot movement; thus, it’s only suitable for seniors who are more physically active.